Jun 9 2021

Knoxville, Tennessee—Cyclomedical East Africa Limited kicks off 2021 in Nairobi.  Kenya officially welcomed this affiliate of Tennessee corporation Cyclomedical International in January for furthering a number of projects in the area.

Mar 12 2018

Installation will bring state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging to Iraq.

Sep 16 2016

Cyclomedical now offers a novel, inexpensive, accurate β-γ-standard for the daily suitability verification testing of your RTLC instrument, as is required by cGMP for Quality Control laboratory instruments.

Jan 10 2016

In a 2010 interview with P.M.Communications, Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister Al Attiyah observed, “Today Qatar is becoming one of the centers of education in the Middle East. And we believe in His Highness’ vision that beyond oil and gas, Qatar will be a leader in education, health, services, tourism and sports”.


Nov 16 2015

The Wisconsin Medical Cyclotron, a joint venture of the major hospitals and imaging centers in the Milwaukee area, was a project of Cyclomedical Applications Group, LLC, which has provided technical management of the site for 14 years.  Cyclomedical International, Inc., has now acquired an equity position in the highly successful site that has made PET imaging diagnostic agents a ready

Nov 16 2015

For the third year the Armstrong-Lepeska Science Marketing Scholarship at Langara College in Vancouver has been awarded, this year to Wen Xing Pen.