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• 23 countries                • 50 start-ups

• 4 managed sites         • Decades of experience

Fast Track in Oman

The Molecular Imaging Centre for the Nuclear Medicine Department at the Royal Hospital in Oman is a showcase for Cyclomedical’s Fast Track process for site development.  The Siemens cyclotron project was managed by Cyclomedical International Inc., until handover in 2019.

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A Well-managed Facility in UAE

Cleveland Clinic of Abu Dhabi-Al Ain branch:

Eight years of consistent, reliable dose delivery prove Cyclomedical’s facility management standard in support of patients and staff at a model PET site.

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The First PET/CT Clinic in Vietnam

Cho Ray Hospital completed its cyclotron facility and needed expertise in qualifying the Quality Control laboratory instruments and procedures and training of their production and quality control staff for cGMP operation...

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Mission Statement

To use our experience and expertise to integrate and facilitate business, technical, and regulatory functions seamlessly so that lifesaving technology can improve outcomes for patients.

Our primary product is expertise...

Our primary product is expertise...

Cyclomedical International, Inc., a Tennessee company with affiliated companies in the United States; Doha, Qatar; Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE; and Nairobi, Kenya, is an experienced, full-service company providing nuclear medicine consulting , equipment, facility qualification, facility operation, R&D and radiation safety consultation, regulatory documentation, personnel selection, and marketing services worldwide. 

Cyclomedical has been the operator of cyclotron facilities in the U.S. since 2003 and in the Gulf (GCC) Region since 2010, supplying the Cleveland Clinic of Abu Dhabi (Al Ain, UAE) and Hamad Hospital (Doha, Qatar) with PET radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and staging as required, meeting highest standards with dose delivery efficiency and a perfect record of product safety and efficacy. 

As the only independent service provider of our kind, Cyclomedical offers expertise and hands-on experience for nuclear medicine sites, particularly all phases of positron emission tomography (PET) sites. We have managed the operations of sites with cyclotrons manufactured by Siemens, GE, ACSI and IBA. 

Cyclomedical is uniquely qualified for problem-solving in technical or regulatory matters. In our 19 years of consulting and contract management for PET radiopharmaceutical facilities (and the many preceding years of experience, in SPECT and nuclear medicine research, development, and operation of the principals), we have done it all.


Jun 9 2021

Knoxville, Tennessee—Cyclomedical East Africa Limited kicks off 2021 in Nairobi.  Kenya officially welcomed this affiliate of Tennessee corporation Cyclomedical International in January fo

Mar 12 2018

Installation will bring state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging to Iraq.