Radiation Safety & Control

Cyclomedical’s principals have prepared and submitted more than 20 radioactive materials licenses in almost as many states in the US and have consulted on submissions in a number of countries.

The standard for all Cyclomedical’s sites is ALARA—As Low As Reasonably Achievable.  Individual radiation safety is promoted by:

  • Appropriate training
  • Posting and labeling to alert personnel
  • Providing appropriate facilities and equipment
  • Conducting audits and assessments for improvements
  • Clear SOPs and radiological safety procedures
  • Assignment of a Radiation Safety Officer to track performance and effectiveness of the radiation safety program

Radiation safety begins with site design and proper planning for production pathways, shielding, training and laboratory techniques, radiation surveying, and documentation that can minimize employee exposure. 

Proper management and care in consideration of radiation effects on the cyclotron suite equipment and instrumentation as well as planning efficient management of sensitive peripherals can maximize efficiency and production uptime. 

Experience counts.