RTLC Daily Check Source Strip

RTLC Source Strip Picture

FDG/PET production involves precise measurement of radiochemical purity using thin layer chromatography. Along with all other instrumentation, this instrument must be calibrated, qualified, maintained, and checked daily for data accuracy and quality. Up to this point, standard sources for RTLC machines have been difficult to procure due to high price and lack of supply. Cyclomedical International Inc. is pleased to offer a novel, inexpensive, accurate, and precise β-γ-source strip to check your RTLC instruments.

The item in question is a laminated paper strip with 137Cs source drops of radioactivity varying from ~0.247 µCi (9kBq) to ~10 µCi (370 kBq), depending on the instrument you are using. The strip is designed with three spots of radioactive ratios 2.5:95.0:2.5 to mimic basic Quality Control test for FDG. The given radioactivities keep the strips’ activities “as low as possible” for ease of shipping while still providing the requisite activity for statistical instrument analysis. The strips are spatially accurate (within 0.5mm) and with known radioactivity (1-5% relative standard deviation of desired activity).

Verification using the strip can assure both linear/distance as well as activity accuracy and constancy. Daily use of the daily check strip gives a basis for which to compare FDG, PET, or general use RTLC quality control results.

Get a more accurate, reliable, and regulatory compliant procedure for your RTLC and PET quality control production by using Cyclomedical’s RTLC Daily Check Source Strips.


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