Under contract for full management operation of a cyclotron production facility, Cyclomedical can provide employees for your site with the degree level and level of achievement required, from experienced PET production staff to research-oriented scientists.  Let us put our experts to work for you. 

Cyclomedical requires a Facility Manager, a Production Manager, and a Quality Control Manager for full staffing of sites it manages, to ensure that there are never issues with production or with regulatory compliance.


The division between Production Manager and Quality Control Manager is sometimes a regulatory requirement, as it puts checks and balances on the production process.  A Facility Manager assists with production when required and maintains the other functions of the site, e.g., managing acquisition of raw materials from qualified suppliers and maintaining business functions of the facility.

As managers of a facility where personnel are managed by the client, Cyclomedical is able to offer hands-on training for staff, on the client site or offsite, for advanced instruction. The level of instruction is customized to the site staff’s level of prior education and experience, and includes:

  • Quality control procedures and practice
  • Cyclotron and laboratory equipment maintenance
  • Regulatory compliance topics
  • Radiation safety procedures and practice

Radiation safety procedures and practice