Earlier this year, we were approached with a conundrum: "Can a beam be extracted from a self-shielded Siemens cyclotron for use in solid target

research?" A University was looking to expand their research capabilities into the solid target realm, but was hoping to use the cyclotron they already had. This is not a question we often hear. Challenge accepted.


To answer these questions, Cyclomedical called in its resources. The team needed to determine:

  • Is it even possible?
  • What resources would be necessary to make such a modification possible?
  • What would be the expected increase in radiation exposure?
  • What type of shielding would be needed around the modified cyclotron and external beam line?
  • How much would this type of upgrade cost?

The short answers to these questions:

  • Beam extractors are available to allow for a beam to be directed away from its internal target(s). An external beam line can be constructed to guide the beam some distance to a final solid target destination.
  • Radiation exposure, pricing, and shielding depend upon the design, specific connection points, distance of external beamline, and solid target(s) used.
  • Yes, it’s possible.
  • Possible, but not necessarily practical. Specific details will determine costs and the client’s other considerations will influence the ultimate decision.

For more information on the D-Pace Beam Extractor, please see the downloadable

information below:

Our Experience

A large research institution wanted a full report and evaluation of the cyclotrons available for its purposes.

Quality Control Laboratory in Al Ain, Manager Mahmoud Al Rahman

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