The Process

Oman PET Site unfinished construction, March 2015
Oman PET Site unfinished construction, March 2015

Installation and initialization of PET production, PET scanning, and radiopharmaceutical sites have historically been plagued by delays and multi-year project completion timelines. Most delays in facility development are due to communications issues between vendors, inaccurate assumptions and planning, and no TRUE overall program manager that reports DIRECTLY to the customer. However, many key phases of the program can be efficiently overlapped, significantly reducing the development time.

Cyclomedical could deliver a site in as little as six months, if the client fulfills its plan activities with no delays. A realistic estimate for a Fast Track Program would be eight to ten months from start of facility construction.  In order for a Fast Track installation to be successful, Cyclomedical must be involved as early as possible in the initial discussions regarding major equipment selection such as the cyclotron, basic facility design & layout, and the focus of the overall production facility from both a business and a technical perspective.

For projects that are market sensitive, a shorter time from start to production is critical. Market variables can change over time. To execute a successful business case and plan, time to market is of most importance and we offer a very compelling solution.