Cyclomedical is a resource.

The complementary technical expertise and hands-on experience in diverse aspects of nuclear medicine make Cyclomedical a resource of exceptional breadth and quality.  Cyclomedical has always been independent, our obligation solely to our clients. 

For PET radiopharmaceutical production facilities, we offer:

  • Cyclotron selection—the capabilities of each commercial vendor and the objectives of each site can be selected for best fit.  Cyclomedical understands research.
  • QC Laboratory—selection of equipment that meets the right level of function and laboratory layout for efficient operation has been proved over time and by hands-on experience.
  • cGMP for PET—from coordinating the first PET NDA at Peoria with USFDA through the 2014 aNDA submissions, Cyclomedical knows regulatory requirements and compliance.
  • Innovation—Cyclomedical supports advances in target design, ancillary equipment, and has patented a novel dose calibrator.
  • Problem solving—for all aspects of design, construction, site operation, and regulatory compliance.... Worldwide.

In addition to technical expertise, Cyclomedical offers business solutions and marketing capabilities with unique understanding of the field.