Cyclomedical and Wisconsin Medical Cyclotron (WMC) worked with BTI Targetry (formerly Bruce Technologies) in development of its advanced high-power cyclotron targets. WMC was one of the sites Bruce Technologies used for “beta-testing” of targets.

BTI’s competitive advantage is that their cyclotron target products can be operated at considerably higher power levels than the OEM solution, allowing a single beam target system to replace a more complex dual beam target pair in many cases. This reduces operating and maintenance costs of the cyclotron significantly.

BTI owns three inventions which permit operating cyclotron targets at significantly higher power density than competing technologies. BTI target solutions are available for more than 7 PET Cyclotron Systems. Wisconsin Medical Cyclotron now exclusively uses BTI targets in their production of [18]FDG, [13N]ammonia, and [18F]NaF, and James F. Lamb, Ph.D., is a member of the BTI Scientific Advisory Board.

Our Experience

Earlier this year, we were approached with a conundrum: "Can a beam be extracted from a self-shielded Siemens cyclotron for use in solid target res

When Siemens Healthcare was contracted to build the new research facility at Hamad Hospital in Doha, Qatar, for Ali bin Ali Medical, Cyclomedical w

A large research institution wanted a full report and evaluation of the cyclotrons available for its purposes.