Facility Management

The devil is in the details…

commercial PET production site can operate at 99.9% dose delivery efficiency with the procedures Cyclomedical has developed for proactive attention to manageable parameters.  CAPA, trending, meticulous attention to consistent maintenance keeps compliance and productivity at the highest level.  Cost effective, not costly. 

research-oriented site can produce its own imaging agents and research agents and still have the capacity to offset costs by doing some distribution locally. Competent site management ensures that the priority of the research operations is supported and even enhanced by maintaining the level of regulatory compliance prescribed for commercial distribution operations.  Cyclomedical understands research.   

A clinical cyclotron site has control over the quality of its diagnostic agents, patient scheduling, and availability of clinical doses for its patients, responsive to urgent diagnostic situations.  At the foundation of diagnostic imaging is a patient in need of medical care. 

All cyclotron facilities require that baseline of business management to ensure that the staff, the supplies, the compliance records, and the maintenance of laboratory instruments is assured when needed, in addition to monitoring costs and maintaining a high level of client relations.  Cyclomedical’s business management is solidly linked to our technical expertise.