When Siemens Healthcare was contracted to build the new research facility at Hamad Hospital in Doha, Qatar, for Ali bin Ali Medical, Cyclomedical was selected as project lead for planning, design, equipment evaluation and contract management for radiopharmaceutical production.  The hospital’s goal of being a center of excellence for research in diagnostic imaging required an experienced research chemist with the capability to manage both routine production by the Cyclomedical facility staff and to interact with the research interests of the hospital.  Through our international associations, Cyclomedical located Dr. Stefan Guhlke and determined that he would accept this challenge to bring world-class science into a new setting. This is Cyclomedical’s contribution; to bring all the necessary resources together to make possible the most informed decision for their clients.

Our Experience

Quality Control Laboratory in Al Ain, Manager Mahmoud Al Rahman

The Cleveland Clinic of Abu Dhabi-Al Ain branch is a freestanding PET imaging clinic in Al Ain, UAE.  Cyclomedical’s project manager was on site in

A large research institution wanted a full report and evaluation of the cyclotrons available for its purposes.

Earlier this year, we were approached with a conundrum: "Can a beam be extracted from a self-shielded Siemens cyclotron for use in solid target