Company History

Founding Partners

President and CEO Cyclomedical International, Inc.
Vice President, Client Relations Cyclomedical International Inc.
International Marketing, Cyclomedical Applications Group, LLC
Vice President, Business Development, Cyclomedical Applications Group, LLC

When Will Lepeska decided in 2002 that Milwaukee needed a medical cyclotron facility to supply PET drugs to Wisconsin, he thought of Jim Lamb, a business acquaintance with the knowledge, experience, and competence to get the project running.  As co-founder of GammaPlus, LLC, Jim established and served as general manager of three FDG production and distribution facilities.  He was also co-founder and president of two radiopharmaceutical production companies and had a Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry from University of California, Berkeley.  David Drummond, with a chemistry degree from MIT, had worked with Will in another company and possessed great familiarity with international marketing and with the diagnostic imaging community, so his assistance was requested.  At Nuclear Chicago, Will had backed the original Anger gamma camera for nuclear medicine imaging, so he had a great track record in picking winners.  And that was the birth of Cyclomedical Applications Group, LLC.

Wisconsin Medical Cyclotron was formed with investment In the LLC by local hospitals and imaging centers, owners and customers, and the GE PETtrace cyclotron facility took shape within 10 months, producing its first doses in May of 2003.  The Cyclomedical plan was to offer that experience and expertise to other cities and institutions and to provide ongoing technical management in drug production, on a fee basis.  Medicare reimbursement for PET had created a sort of gold rush in starting PET facilities—the race was on! 

Cyclomedical’s second site was Molecular Imaging Corporation / University of California, San Diego (Siemens RDS 111 Cyclotron), but the contract was to assume responsibility for a troubled PET cyclotron facility and to give operate-or-sell advice to its owner.  We concluded, from a business perspective, that the commercial production capabilities of this primarily research-oriented cyclotron could not be competitive with large [18F]FDG distributors in the Los Angeles-San Diego area and recommended that the owner sell the facility.  Cyclomedical successfully negotiated that sale to PETnet.  The President of Molecular Imaging stated that bringing in Cyclomedical was the best business decision he could have made.  The race rapidly became weighted toward larger companies for cyclotron facility management in the US.

But Cyclomedical’s strong background in radiopharmaceutical technology, in both devices and radiopharmaceutical production, along with the regulatory agency relationships and the industry reputations of its principals and Associates, made it a valuable consultant for Institutions and PET imaging agent producers throughout the United States.  As PET technology began to be implemented worldwide, the experience and knowledge of Cyclomedical was exported in contracts with major cyclotron manufacturers to install the associated Quality Control laboratories, to qualify instruments and certify laboratories to regulatory agencies for cGMP radiopharmaceutical manufacturing.  An opportunity arose for Cyclomedical to step in to a facility start up in the United Arab Emirates with its experience in site management.  The experience convinced our founding partners that Cyclomedical was ready to grow.

With the addition of an attorney familiar with cyclotron and radiopharmaceutical issues and a business manager with a technical background and diverse experience in business ownership and management, Cyclomedical has become Cyclomedical International, Inc.  Our staff of scientists and experienced facility operators are exceptional.  We are prepared to leverage all our experience and expertise in pursuit of exceptional, client-oriented partnerships in all phases of diagnostic imaging manufacturing facilities, from financing, planning, and project management to staffing and operating of the completed facility.  Our ability to deploy resources anywhere in the world is proven. 

And problem-solving and consulting remain strong facets of Cyclomedical’s expertise.