One of Cyclomedical’s operational sites is located at a molecular imaging center in Al Ain, UAE. We have run operations at that locations for 6 years without missing a single dose. That doesn’t mean that the cyclotron has not gone down during our tenure at the facility, but does mean that every scheduled dose has somehow been fulfilled by our crew at the facility or by negotiation with some of our other assets or associations in the area.

We maintain a working staff of at least two members during all productions at the site with other managerial employees coming and going to aid and facilitate as necessary. The two production employees are necessary due to division of drug production and quality responsibilities as dictated by Cyclomedical operational procedures mirroring many global regulatory mandates. The employees are also responsible for managerial and administrative duties, such as quality control manager, radiation safety documentation, inventory management, as well as fiscal and technical analytics reporting. Thus, the day-to-day duties are fully manageable by the two employees while extra employees help ease the burden of quarterly review/reporting, market research, and facilitating multi-site communication.

We are proud of employees and their success in the providing for our clients and clients’ patients.

Our Experience

A large research institution wanted a full report and evaluation of the cyclotrons available for its purposes.