Jun 9 2021

Knoxville, Tennessee—Cyclomedical East Africa Limited kicks off 2021 in Nairobi.  Kenya officially welcomed this affiliate of Tennessee corporation Cyclomedical International in January for furthering a number of projects in the area. The launch of CEAL makes our scientific knowledge and experience in many disciplines available for effective management of PET diagnostic imaging site development in support of rapid healthcare investments on the continent. Cyclomedical’s contribution is bringing all necessary resources together to make possible the most informed, cost-effective decisions for our clients.

Registered by CMI Europe/Africa development executive Nicola Ceccomancini, CEAL is targeting molecular imaging and theranostics in East Africa’s urban population center.  “The Client-focused capabilities of CMI and its significant track record make it an ideal partner in healthcare centers of excellence,” says Managing Director Ceccomancini. “Our independence from single-manufacturer constraints and ability to collaborate with any vendor allows us freedom to provide optimal solutions for both research and radiopharmaceutical production facilities”.

Knoxville has been one of the focal points of PET imaging development, with the CTI-designed, Knoxville-built cyclotron developer active in initiating and leading a national consortium to submit a New Drug Application to the USFDA.  Cyclomedical founding partner and CEO James F. Lamb, Ph.D., was integral to that project.

Building on the rapid introduction of PET and PET/CT worldwide since the mid-1990s, Cyclomedical has provided consulting and has cGMP qualified more than 50 sites in 23 countries, enabling effective technology transfer with innovative agents. Cyclomedical and its regional affiliates have planned and operated cyclotron-based facilities for radiopharmaceuticals in the US since 2002 and in the Gulf Region (UAE, Oman, Qatar) since 2010, advancing healthcare and the advantages of PET diagnostic imaging for diagnosis and staging of cancer, in particular.