Cyclomedical has been a part of over 50 IQ/OQ/PQ/installations in over 23 countries. You may know us as Cyclomedical Applications Group, Cyclomedical International, or Cyclomedical Middle East. However you know us, we never forget our time and friends from projects passed.

Cho Ray Hospital is one of those projects. Cyclomedical was able to make Cho Ray Hospital the first operating PET/CT clinic in Vietnam, even though it was not the first cyclotron. The staff was both ecstatic and extremely appreciative of our work. Cyclomedical is still in contact with many of the staff and individuals associated with this project and facility to this day.

We are glad we were a part of their start-up! Vietnam was quite the experience.

Our Experience

We demonstrated our fast-track capabilities by producing clinical FDG doses in only 8 months, from contract award to operation.