Mar 12 2018

Installation will bring state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging to Iraq.

Knoxville, TN—February 2018--Cyclomedical International, Inc., with its joint-venture subsidiary in Dubai, Cyclomedical Middle East DMCC, has contracted to provide services for the Al Ibsar Group’s PET radiopharmaceutical production site in Al Najaf, Iraq, according to COO Richard O. Deaderick, Jr.  Cyclomedical has also provided equipment to Al Itkan Company, contractors for the laboratory equipment at the site. 

The Al Najaf site is of local interest as the installation of the next-to-last Siemens Eclipse HP cyclotrons that were manufactured in Knoxville before Siemens ended its cyclotron manufacturing in 2017.  Nidal (Ned) Odeh, former VP of Siemens Cyclotron Sales and now President of Cyclomedical Middle East, said, “We look forward to bringing this advance in diagnostic healthcare to our clients and to the patients they care for.  It is the mission of Cyclomedical.”

Iraq is gaining political stability and is expanding its healthcare options with state-of-the art diagnostic imaging such as PET scans.  James F. Lamb, Ph.D., CEO and President of Cyclomedical International, confirms that “Early and accurate diagnosis is critical for lifesaving treatments to ensure better outcomes for patients”.

Cyclomedical is the Middle East’s leading provider of services to cyclotron-based PET radiopharmaceutical production facilities, with site operating contracts in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman.  For Oman, the company also provided full Fast Track project management, from inception of design and construction, and has performed laboratory installation, qualification, training, and start-up to forty PET cyclotron laboratories in sixteen countries, working with 4 of the major cyclotron manufacturers worldwide.

Cyclomedical also provides site operation in the US and consulting services to several US universities.  There are a number of US and foreign sites in negotiation for near-term operations.