Stanley Brice

Global Project Manager

With over twenty years of technical experience, including worldwide project and site management, service, and technical support for medical cyclotrons and molecular imaging devices, Stanley has exceptional experience and skills. He has successfully managed or taken key roles in the start-up of several cyclotron and PET radiopharmaceutical production facilities, including setting up and managing the cyclotron facility at the Tawam Molecular Imaging Centre in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, successful cyclotron facility start-up for Hamad Medical Corporation Hospital, Doha, Qatar, and successful project management for the new National Molecular Imaging Centre in Oman.

As an international project manager for medical cyclotron installation and start-up and operation, Stanley worked closely with professionals of many nationalities to ensure the successful construction and operation of PET radiopharmaceutical production facilities. He has also worked as an engineer and a regional U.S. service manager for CTI Molecular Imaging (Siemens) supporting cyclotrons, radiochemistry modules, and PET scanners. He has hands-on PET experience in facility site selection and design, equipment installation and qualification, maintenance/service, routine systems operation, production/quality control and facility management.