The First PET/CT Clinic in Vietnam

Cho Ray Hospital completed its cyclotron facility and needed expertise in qualifying the Quality Control laboratory instruments and procedures and training of their production and quality control staff for cGMP operation. Cyclomedical was able to complete the qualification process so that they were imaging patients in just two weeks, with the assistance of facility director, Dr. Nguyen Cong Duc. It was the first PET center to operate in Vietnam.

Fast Track in Oman

National Molecular Imaging Centre in Oman, an affiliate of the Royal Hospital, is on fast track for operation within 6 months of contract award. The Siemens cyclotron project is managed by Cyclomedical International for its new Cyclomedical Middle East joint venture being formed. Watch it grow!

Wisconsin Medical Cyclotron is Unique

Delivering its first doses in 2003, WMC was formed by the imaging community–hospitals and imaging centers, as co-owners--in the Milwaukee area. With technical management by Cyclomedical, their GE PETtrace cyclotron has a 99.9% uptime record because of proactive maintenance, and the site is a training center for Cyclomedical’s foreign clients and a center of innovation for FDG production. WMC’s aNDA submission to USFDA was one of the first accepted.

Mission Statement

The origin of diagnostic imaging is a patient in need of medical care.

Molecular imaging means better outcomes for patients who have access to positron emission tomography (PET) technology, for cancer and beyond. It is the best available technology for diagnosis and targeted treatment.

Our purpose is to use our expertise to integrate and facilitate technical, business, and regulatory functions seamlessly so that nuclear medicine technology can be utilized for better patient outcomes.

Our primary product is expertise...

Cyclomedical International, Inc., a Tennessee company with affiliated companies in the United States; Doha, Qatar; Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE; and Muscat, Oman, is an experienced, full-service company providing nuclear medicine consulting , equipment, facility qualification, facility operation, R&D and radiation safety consultation, regulatory documentation, personnel selection, and marketing services worldwide.

Cyclomedical has been the operator of cyclotron facilities in the U.S. since 2003 and in the Gulf (GCC) Region since 2010, supplying the Tawam Medical Imaging Centre (Al Ain, UAE) Hamad Hospital (Doha, Qatar) with PET radiopharmaceuticals for cancer diagnosis and staging as required, meeting highest standards with dose delivery efficiency and a perfect record of product safety and efficacy.

As the only independent service provider of our kind, Cyclomedical offers expertise and hands-on experience for nuclear medicine sites, particularly all phases of positron emission tomography (PET) sites. We currently manage the operations of sites with cyclotrons manufactured by Siemens, GE, ACSI and IBA.

Cyclomedical is uniquely qualified for problem-solving in technical or regulatory matters. In our 13 years of consulting and contract management for PET radiopharmaceutical facilities (and the many preceding years of experience, including SPECT, in nuclear medicine research, development, and operation of the principals), we have done it all.


Cyclomedical International Expands.

Cyclomedical International, Inc., is operating worldwide from Knoxville offices directed by COO Richard O. Deaderick, Jr. “Real need exists for the comprehensive technical services an independent service group of our kind provides,” says James Lamb, Ph.D., President and CEO.  Read More »

Mid-East Joint Venture.

Cyclomedical Middle East, a Cyclomedical International, Inc., regional venture, will oversee Cyclomedical affiliates in UAE, Qatar, and Oman and develop opportunities throughout the Middle East. President Nidal (Ned) Odeh, a biomedical engineer with a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, has been involved in PET technology from the prototype stage. Cyclomedical is extremely pleased to work with Ned to develop diagnostic imaging for the region.  Read More »

What we do


What do you need? How can it be done? Where in the world are you? Technical expertise and hands-on experience, business and regulatory solutions for radiopharmaceutical facilities in 17 countries. How can we help you?

Facility Management

GMP compliance? Experienced staff? Document management? Proactive maintenance? Everything you need for all you need to do.

Site Planning

Which cyclotron? QC lab? Procedures? A radiopharmaceutical production site is composed of 9 disparate elements to be integrated physically and operationally. We know how.

Regulatory Guidance

USP? EUP? cGMP? Region-specific guidance in drug production, radiation safety, cGMP, licensing, training, and proven procedures and documentation. All that is necessary and sufficient.

Comprehensive Solutions

Financing? Marketing? Cyclotron energy? Lab instruments? Taking a facility from concept to patient doses is an expensive, multi-stage, collaborative investment. Be sure you get your money’s worth.

We are the experts

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