Mar 1 2019

Cyclomedical International’s new venture in the Pacific region reflects our experience in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia as the rapid growth of molecular imaging in this region is supported by Cyclomedical’s expertise, services, and products.


Michael Nguyen Michael V. Nguyen, President   {bio link}

Our venture begins with the Vietnamese government’s plan to enhance healthcare in the country, creating opportunities for the newer generation of diagnostics represented by molecular imaging.  Cyclomedical’s experience with Cho Ray Hospital’s PET/CT installation gave us a connection, and we are pleased to have this opportunity.




  Dr. Dzung Thuy Mai , Cyclomedical Vietnam  {bio link}

Dr. Dzung Mai has agreed to accept the position as head of Cyclomedical Vietnam (CVN), an affiliate company of Cyclomedical Asia Pacific, Cyclomedical International’s venture in the region. Plans are going forward for additional cyclotron installations, with state-of-the-art facilities. 

Cyclomedical is exploring a number of opportunities in greater Southeast Asia with Cyclomedical Asia Pacific as it launches in 2019.