The Tawam Molecular Imaging Centre (TMIC) is a freestanding PET imaging clinic in Al Ain, UAE.  Cyclomedical’s project manager was on site in April of 2010 to assist in completing the installation and operational qualification of the Siemens cyclotron and Quality Control laboratory for Cyclomedical Applications Group FZE and to integrate the experienced production chemists employed for this site into Cyclomedical’s operating procedures and management. Always responsive to the requirements of the site physician and scanning suite technologists, Cyclomedical’s staff have met every request for diagnostic nuclides for TMIC patients.

We are proud of the Cyclomedical team at TMIC and their success in providing for our client and TMIC patients.

Our Experience

When Siemens Healthcare was contracted to build the new research facility at Hamad Hospital in Doha, Qatar, for Ali bin Ali Medical, Cyclomedical w

Earlier this year, we were approached with a conundrum: "Can a beam be extracted from a self-shielded Siemens cyclotron for use in solid target

A large research institution wanted a full report and evaluation of the cyclotrons available for its purposes.